The organization’s business performance is managed using statistical and other quantitative techniques to understand process performance shortfalls, and to identify areas for process improvement.


Managing business performance requires the following:

  • Maintaining the organization’s business objectives
  • Understanding the organization’s ability to meet the business objectives
  • Continually improving processes related to achieving the business objectives

The organization uses defined process performance baselines to determine if the current and projected organizational business objectives are being met. Shortfalls in process performance are identified and analyzed to determine potential areas for process improvement.

Refer to the Organizational Performance Management (OPM) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about
establishing performance baselines and models.

As the organization improves its process performance or as business strategies change, new business objectives are identified and associated quality and process performance objectives are derived.

Specific goal 2 addresses eliciting and analyzing improvement suggestions that address shortfalls in achieving quality and process performance objectives.


OPM.SP 1.1 Maintain Business Objectives
Maintain business objectives based on an understanding of business strategies and actual performance results.
OPM.SP 1.2 Analyze Process Performance Data
Analyze process performance data to determine the organization’s ability to meet identified business objectives.
OPM.SP 1.3 Identify Potential Areas for Improvement
Identify potential areas for improvement that could contribute to meeting business objectives.