Identify potential areas for improvement that could contribute to meeting business objectives.


Potential areas for improvement are identified through a proactive analysis to determine areas that could address process performance shortfalls. Causal Analysis and Resolution processes can be used to diagnose and resolve root causes.

The output from this activity is used to evaluate and prioritize potential improvements, and can result in either incremental or innovative improvement suggestions as described in specific goal 2.

Example Work Products

  1. Potential areas for improvement


1. Identify potential improvement areas based on the analysis of process performance shortfalls.

Performance shortfalls include not meeting productivity, cycle time, or customer satisfaction objectives. Examples of areas to consider for improvement include product technology, process technology, staffing and staff development, team structures, supplier selection and management, and other organizational infrastructures.

2. Document the rationale for the potential improvement areas, including references to applicable business objectives and process performance data.

3. Document anticipated costs and benefits associated with addressing potential improvement areas.

4. Communicate the set of potential improvement areas for further evaluation, prioritization, and use.