Improvements are proactively identified, evaluated using statistical and other quantitative techniques, and selected for deployment based on their contribution to meeting quality and process performance objectives.


Improvements to be deployed across the organization are selected from improvement suggestions which have been evaluated for effectiveness in the target deployment environment. These improvement suggestions are elicited and submitted from across the organization to address the improvement areas identified in specific goal 1.

Evaluations of improvement suggestions are based on the following:

  • A quantitative understanding of the organization’s current quality and process performance
  • Satisfaction of the organization’s quality and process performance objectives
  • Estimated costs and impacts of developing and deploying the improvements, resources, and funding available for deployment
  • Estimated benefits in quality and process performance resulting from deploying the improvements


OPM.SP 2.1 Elicit Suggested Improvements
Elicit and categorize suggested improvements.
OPM.SP 2.2 Analyze Suggested Improvements
Analyze suggested improvements for their possible impact on achieving the organization’s quality and process performance…
OPM.SP 2.3 Validate Improvements
Validate selected improvements.
OPM.SP 2.4 Select and Implement Improvements for Deployment
Select and implement improvements for deployment throughout the organization based on an evaluation of costs, benefits, …