Manage the deployment of selected improvements.


This specific practice can overlap with the Implement Action Proposals specific practice in the Causal Analysis and Resolution process area (e.g., when causal analysis and resolution is used organizationally or across multiple projects).

Example Work Products

  1. Updated training materials (to reflect deployed improvements)
  2. Documented results of improvement deployment activities
  3. Revised improvement measures, objectives, priorities, and deployment plans


1. Monitor the deployment of improvements using deployment plans.

2. Coordinate the deployment of improvements across the organization.


Coordinating deployment includes the following activities:
  • Coordinating activities of projects, support groups, and organizational groups for each improvement
  • Coordinating activities for deploying related improvements

3. Deploy improvements in a controlled and disciplined manner.


Examples of methods for deploying improvements include the following:
  • Deploying improvements incrementally rather than as a single deployment
  • Providing comprehensive consulting to early adopters of improvement in lieu of revised formal training

4. Coordinate the deployment of improvements into the projects’ defined processes as appropriate.

Refer to the Organizational Process Focus (OPF) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about deploying organizational process assets and incorporating experiences.

5. Provide consulting as appropriate to support deployment of improvements.

6. Provide updated training materials or develop communication packages to reflect improvements to organizational process assets.

Refer to the Organizational Training (OT) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about providing training.

7. Confirm that the deployment of all improvements is completed in accordance with the deployment plan.

8. Document and review results of improvement deployment.


Documenting and reviewing results includes the following:
  • Identifying and documenting lessons learned
  • Revising improvement measures, objectives, priorities, and deployment plans