Requirements are managed and inconsistencies with plans and work products are identified.


The work group maintains a current and approved set of requirements over the life of the project by doing the following:

  • Managing all changes to requirements
  • Maintaining relationships among requirements, plans, and work products
  • Ensuring alignment among requirements, plans, and work products
  • Taking corrective action

If the Service Delivery, Strategic Service Management, or Incident Resolution and Prevention process areas are implemented, their processes will generate stakeholder requirements that will also be managed by requirements management processes.

Refer to the Work Monitoring and Control (WMC) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about managing corrective action to closure.


REQM.SP 1.1 Understand Requirements
Develop an understanding with the requirements providers on the meaning of the requirements.
REQM.SP 1.2 Obtain Commitment to Requirements
Obtain commitment to requirements from project participants.
REQM.SP 1.3 Manage Requirements Changes
Manage changes to requirements as they evolve.
REQM.SP 1.4 Maintain Bidirectional Traceability of Requirements
Maintain bidirectional traceability among requirements and work products.
REQM.SP 1.5 Ensure Alignment Between Work Products and Requirements
Ensure that plans and work products remain aligned with requirements.