Obtain commitment to requirements from project participants.


Refer to the Work Monitoring and Control (WMC) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about monitoring commitments.

The previous specific practice dealt with reaching an understanding with requirements providers. This specific practice deals with agreements and commitments among those who carry out activities necessary to implement requirements. Requirements evolve throughout the work. As requirements evolve, this specific practice ensures that participants commit to the current and approved requirements and the resulting changes in work plans, activities, and work products.

Example Work Products

  1. Requirements impact assessments
  2. Documented commitments to requirements and requirements changes


1. Assess the impact of requirements on existing commitments.

The impact on the participants should be evaluated when the requirements change or at the start of a new requirement.

2. Negotiate and record commitments.

Changes to existing commitments should be negotiated before participants commit to a new requirement or requirement change.