When Teams jointly work on shared results means that they use a Joint Product Backlog, one joint sprint goal and one Joint Definition of Done.



The artifacts in a joint team cycle are the same as in Team Patterns.  Most artifacts however, exists only in one version. They are common for all Team

The joint Workproducts in a joint Team Cyclus (Pattern One) are:


Joint Product Backlog
Because all Teams work on a joint Produkt perform a Joint Sprint planning One, there is only one  Joint Product Backlog.…
Sprint Backlog
The Sprint Backlog is the implementation Sprint plan of a Team.
Gemeinsames Inkrement
Eine Unit erstellt gemeinsam ein Produkt. Um den Fortschritt sicherzustellen, integrieren die Teams die Ergebnisse regel…
joint sprint goal
Because all Teams jointly work on a joint product, and perform one Gemeinsame Sprint Planung Eins, all  Teams use one jo…
Joint Definition of Done
A joint Definition of Done enables  a common understanding across all teams. It makes clear for all involved when work i…