Record causal analysis and resolution data for use across projects and the organization.


Example Work Products

  1. Causal analysis and resolution records
  2. Organizational improvement proposals


1. Record causal analysis data and make the data available so that other projects can make appropriate process changes and achieve similar results.

Record the following:

  • Data on outcomes that were analyzed
  • Rationale for decisions
  • Action proposals from causal analysis meetings
  • Action plans resulting from action proposals
  • Cost of analysis and resolution activities
  • Measures of changes to the process performance of the defined process resulting from resolutions

2. Submit process improvement proposals for the organization when the implemented actions are effective for the project as appropriate.

When improvements are judged to be effective, the information can be submitted to the organizational level for potential inclusion in the organizational processes.

Refer to the Organizational Performance Management (OPM) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about selecting improvements.