The artifacts of a unit serve the tactical coordination of teams.  Organization in a Digital Age uses three artifacts at  of Unit lvel (Tactical Product BacklogEtappen BacklogStage Increment) and two "agreements" (Stage goalJoint Definition of Done). In addition, the focus changes of the Team Produkt Backlog.


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The stage is based on Agile teams and the Muster für Teams.


Tactical Product Backlog
Containst the tactival requirements need to implement the Product. 
Team Produkt Backlog
Auflistung von allen operativen Anforderungen, die die Lieferung des Beitrags eines Teams zum Stage Increment spezifizie…
Etappen Backlog
Für die Etappe ausgewählte Tactical Product Backlog-Einträge - und der Plan zur Lieferung vom Stage Increment.
Stage Increment
All delivered Tactical Product Backlog items in a stage.
Stage goal
Definition of benefits that the Stage will be deliver.
Joint Definition of Done
A joint Definition of Done enables  a common understanding across all teams. It makes clear for all involved when work i…