The Stage as a tactical cycle is for mid-term coordination. It contains a number of Sprints (E.g. six Sprints). This gives the Teams clearance to autonomously perform six cycles within the Team tactical cycle.


Stage PlanningStage RetrospectiveStage ReviewStageTactical Product Backlog refinementGuildsJoint Sprint ReviewScrum of Scrums (SoS)Stage IncrementTactical Product BacklogEtappen BacklogTeam PatternsThere is no text description available, yet 

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The stage is based on Agile teams and Team PatternsTeam Patterns.


The Stage as a tactical cycle serves mid-term coordination.
Stage Planning
The Stage Planning is a joint tactical level planning for the stage that consists out of multiple Sprints.
Scrum of Scrums (SoS)
The Scrum of Scrums (SoS) coordinates the representatives of the teams. Here members of the team without the Team Agilit…
Joint Sprint Review
Both in a joint cycle as well as in stages, it is important to perform regularly inspect the joint result of all teams. …
Stage Review
Optimizing the product   
Stage Retrospective
Optimize the joint way of working. 
Team Product Backlog Refinement
In the Team Product Backlog Refinement operational requirements (the items of the Team Produkt Backlog are further de…
Tactical Product Backlog refinement
During the Tactical Product Backlog refinement the tactical requirements, (that is the Features in the  Tactical Prod…