The Stage Planning is a joint tactical level planning for the stage that consists out of multiple Sprints.


The Product Owner presents in the Stage Planning the prioritized tactial Tactical Product Backlog-entries. (Features). These should reflect (and implement) the strategic objectives (Epic). After the presentation of the product backlog the teams work to gain a common understanding of the work to be done in the Stage  Following that the Teams jointly estimate which features they are able deliver in that stage.

Based on that result each Team then plans in detail the operational requirements (stories) to deliver the committed features. Each Team creates its Stage goall and commits to it.


Duration: 4h per Stage-month

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Im Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) wird die Stage Planning als Release Planning bezeichnet.

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The Stage as a tactical cycle is for mid-term coordination. It contains a number of Sprints (E.g. six Sprints). This giv…