For Teams that work on one joint product, there is only one product owner. If the product becomes complex, the Product owner responsibility can be spilt over multiple persons. 



The Product Owner is responsible for the commercial success of the product of a unit. He formulates and prioritizes the tactical goals of the unit (the features) and supports the team defining operational requirements (Stories). When all teams work on a joint product, there is only one product owner. The Product Owner is one person, not a committee. He has the power to make final decisions about the product, its features and the sequence of implementation.

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In contrast to a Team Product Owner, we call the Product Owner in charge of a whole product often  Chief Product Owner. In the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) a Chief Product Owner is called  program management.

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  In units with a one joint product, there is a collective product owner and a very experienced Master Agility (Unit Agi…
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Units which develop a common product, have a Product Owner and a very experienced Master Agility (Unit Agility Master) w…
Organizational Product Owner
The Organizational Product Owner are all Product Owners of all Units (See: Product Owner).
When multiple Teams work on a share Product, we speak of a Unit. E.g. a program, a product line or a service unit. A Un…