In a joint Sprint cycle all Teams in a Unit (Pattern one) peform events together, and events that each Team performs individually.



Joint events are shown in blue; the individual events of teams are shown in green.

Joint Sprint planning OneSprint Planningjoint sprint retrospectiveSprint RetrospectiveJoint Sprint ReviewDaily ScrumScrum of Scrums (SoS)Joint Product Backlog RefinementThere is no text description available, yet


Joint Sprint
In a joint team cycle all Teams have the same takt, ie all Teams have a joint Sprint
Joint Sprint planning One
All Development teams participate in the joints Sprint Planning One session together with the Product Owner. In this eve…
Sprint Planning
The  Sprint Planning is usually divided into two steps. In Sprint Planning One the  Product Owner presents and explains …
Daily Scrum
During a Sprint the Development team meets daily: the daily scrum. During the daily scrum the team stands before their …
Scrum of Scrums (SoS)
The Scrum of Scrums (SoS) coordinates the representatives of the teams. Here members of the team without the Team Agilit…
Joint Sprint Review
Both in a joint cycle as well as in stages, it is important to perform regularly inspect the joint result of all teams. …
Sprint Retrospective
Purpose of the Sprint Retrospective is to optimize the way of working.
joint sprint retrospective
Each Team checks in a team internal Sprint Retrospective Sprint Retrospectiveits own way of working. Beyond that all tea…
Joint Product Backlog Refinement
Work on the requirements is an ongoing process, which is called Product Backlog refinement. The Product Owner works with…