The Team Agility Master ensures that a Team adheres to Agile Principles.

He ensures that Agile & Lean principles are respected, he moderates Team Events and removes any impedimentsHe also ensures the best possible working environment. He supports the Team in developing self-organization and supports them in their development. His goal is a more effective and efficient workflow in the Team.

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The Team Agility Master is what in Scrum Teams is the Scrum Master. As Scaled Agile is designed for all types of Agile teams, (e.g. support teams that use Kanban), we prefer the more general term "Team Agility Master“. He is responsible for the Agile capability of Agile Teams, regardless if they use Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban.

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Team consitsts of a Product OwnerDevelopment team and Team Agility Master. The three roles together form an Agile & …
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Organization in a Digital Age use self organizing and cross-functional Teams, to optimize flexibility and productivity. …