Optimizing the product 



The Stage Review at the end a Stage checks the result of the Stage. As a result features and Epics in the Tactical Product Backlog can be adjusted. The Teams carry out the result of the Stage against the Stage goal as in the Definition of DoneProduct Owner Teams and Stakeholders discuss the results of the past Stage and decide on any actions. This outcome is used to refine the subsequent Stage Planning or Tactical Product Backlog refinement.
duration: 1h per Stage-Month

Hints and Tips

Joint Sprint Review with multiple Teams must be efficient and run winthin the foreseen time box. To achieve this, having the Product Owner accept finished Tactical Product Backlog items during the Sprint has been proved to be very effective. 

This has several advantages. First bugs or misunderstandings can be durectly resolved during the Sprint  Secondly there remains sufficient time during the Joint Sprint Review to focus on feedback from the stakeholders.


In Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) the Stage Review is called the System Demo.

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Common Events
The Stage as a tactical cycle is for mid-term coordination. It contains a number of Sprints (E.g. six Sprints). This giv…