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What is Agile Portfolio Management?

What is Agile Portfolio Management? Is it classic Portfolio Management with Agile projects or is there more to it?

Agile Portfolio Kanban

Suppose that you are working in an organization. You may have multiple Agile projects going on and at the same time you are making an effort to acquire new projects (e.g. through sales). Every so often an ongoing project finishes. Capacity becomes available. At the same time new projects are acquired. In the ideal world, we can perfectly match the needs of a new project with the capacity that has become available. The pace of completing projects is the pace of arrival of (new) projects.

We are not living in an ideal world. Projects arrive when there is no free capacity; or, there is a mismatch between the available competencies and the competencies that are required; or, capacity becomes available when no new projects have arrived; or, the right project may have arrived but for all practical reasons it cannot yet start (e.g. the customer is not ready to start); or the project is almost finished but cannot be closed (e.g. the customer is not ready to accept).

Agile Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management is the agile way of managing complete change portfolios, aligned with both the Agile way of working in delivery, and all (business) stakeholders. Agile Portfolio Management is the integration of classic Portfolio Management with scaled Agile development. Agile Portfolio Management (APM) increases transparency in delivery and enhances flexibility in order to react quickly to market dynamics. It uses Kanban to continuously deliver value, in what we call ‘’flow’’. This Kanban simulation workshop lets you experience your real life Agile Portfolio Management challenges. Lern more What is Agile Portfolio Management? weiterlesen