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SAFe 6.0: Improved Flow and Business Agility in the Scaled Agile Framework
The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has consistently been in a pioneering role of innovation. It provides solutions that enhance business […]
10 ways to crash your Kanban system
As a coach, trainer and consultant, I frequently come across teams that are having challenges getting their Kanban system up […]
A new perspective on resistance to change
A common problem in change management is employee resistance to change. However, there is a conceptual framework that can help […]
What does management mean in the agile world? Malte’s thoughts.
At this year’s GOTO Conference in Copenhagen, Malte talked about the topic of management. What is management? How can we […]
Kanban in a nutshell: impulses to frequently asked questions
Whether you have just started your own team, just finished your Scrum training or have been doing it for a […]
SAFe is not the Problem
I read a lot of SAFe bashings lately. But SAFe is not the problem, it isn’t. Let us see why – and what we could do better.
How to masterfully screw up your SAFe implementation
At one customer, a saying has taken on a life of its own that speaks volumes about the difficulty of […]
Change down the adoption curve: 5 groups for sustainable change
In organizations, changes are always on the horizon. As humans, we generally adapt to minor changes almost automatically. For larger […]
Scrum visualization – How to get started with sketchnoting as a Scrum Master
Visualization is an important tool for Scrum teams to talk about the same, make decisions, show processes, explain Scrum to […]
Map of Change – Orientation Aid for Change Management
What do I need for a successful change? What do I need to think about? With this Map of Change […]
Prioritize and Say No Properly – A First-Hand Report
In one of our last articles, we went into more detail about the success story of our service team. Today, […]
Kanban Set Up Guide
E-T-A has been using lean in production for years – and is expanding its capabilities with agility. As part of […]

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