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SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

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Would you like to gain deep insight into modern portfolio management? In this training, you will learn how to apply SAFe® Lean Agile Portfolio Management (LPM) to align enterprise strategy to execution. On day three of the course you will also develop a plan to kickstart the implementaion of LPM within your organization. 

The next trainings:

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15.03. – 17.03.2023
3 days, Darmstadt, German
Jörg Battenfeld
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1,950 € 2,050 €
plus VAT
Early-bird (?)
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04.07. – 06.07.2023
3 days, Darmstadt, German
Jörg Battenfeld, David Croome
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1,950 € 2,050 €
plus VAT
Early-bird (?)

Establish a modern portfolio management system aligned with Lean Agile principles

This three-days interactive training will provide you with the practical tools and techniques required to implement the three dimensions of LPM: Strategy and Investment Funding, Agile Portfolio Operations, and Lean Governance. You will learn to establish a modern portfolio management system in line with Lean-agile principles. You will establish a deeper understanding of the SAFe principles, roles, processes and techniques at the portfolio level. This will enable you to capture the current and future state of your portfolio using the Portfolio Canvas tool, and how to derive key business initiatives (portfolio epics) to achieve that portfolio vision. Through hands-on exercises you will learn how to achieve epic flow using the Portfolio Kanban System, and how to prioritize epics for maximum business value. You will also learn how to establish "value stream budgets” using “participatory budgeting”, how to implement useful "lean budget guardrails", and how to measure portfolio performance.

Lean Portfolio Management is an advanced training in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Therefore we recommend to attend a SAFe training in advance, because knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is required.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) are a prerequisite.




Competencies that the training will provide you with

  • describe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

  • Link the portfolio to the corporate strategy using Strategic Themes and OKR's

  • Determine the portfolio vision

  • Create flow with the Kanban portfolio

  • Understand how to work with the Lean Startup Cycle and Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

  • Implement LPM events like Portfolio Sync and Strategic Portfolio Review

  • Coordinate value streams

  • Measure LPM performance

  • Create a plan for LPM implementation

  • Introduce Lean Portfolio Management

  • Determine strategy and investment financing

  • Apply Agile Portfolio Operations and Lean Government

  • Be able to follow the steps of the LPM implementation roadmapI

  • Create a plan for the first steps of the LPM implementation 

  • Be able to prepare the LPM Implementation Kickoff Workshop

Extensive mix of theory and practice

Like all our agile trainings, this one is interactive. In addition to the official SAFe® slides and exercises, we additionally convey the knowledge using meaningful flipcharts. The wibas trainers are certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC) of Scaled Agile, Inc. For more details about this training, please visit the official SAFe® Website.

Remote or presence – the choice is yours.

We offer our events in two formats: Presence at the wibas training center or remotely. Both forms are interactive live trainings with the usual wibas flair. Whether the training of your choice takes place in presence or remote, you can see next to the respective date. If you book the training as an in-house variant, you decide which format you prefer – of course depending on the current Corona regulations.

Who is this training for?

The training is aimed at:

  • Executives and senior managers (CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and VPs)

  • Enterprise Architects

  • Product Managers and Solution Managers

  • Business Unit Managers and Business Owners

  • SPCs and Enterprise Agile Coaches

  • Human Resources

  • RTEs

  • Epic Owner

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What does "early bird" mean?
The early bird price applies to registration up to four weeks before the start of the training. The prices are subject to change. All prices plus statutory value-added tax. Accommodation costs are not included.

What cancellation fees are due if I have to cancel?
A cancellation fee of EUR 100 plus VAT is due for cancellations up to 15 calendar days before the start of the training. For registered participants whose cancellation occurs after the invoice has been sent, as well as for no-shows, a payment obligation for the entire training fee applies. If a participant cannot attend a training, their organization may have another person attend in place of the enrollees until the morning of the course start date. wibas will decide whether a training will take place no later than 15 days before the start date. wibas may cancel training if fewer than eight participants are enrolled at that time.

What are the prerequisites I should meet?
To make the training more productive for you, you should be familiar with agile concepts and principles, have participated in a Leading SAFe® or SAFe® PO/PM course, and have experience in a SAFe® environment.

Which training materials do I receive?
- the official workbook (English) for the SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager (LPM) by Scaled Agile Inc.
- Planning Poker
- Participant bag with materials from wibas a.o. book Organization in a Digital Era by Malte Foegen
 - Access to free licensed materials, videos and tools that support an introduction to Lean Portfolio Management
- Inclusion in the LPM directory list (optional)
- Access to the private LPM community

Is there an exam? How does it work and what do I have to consider?
- Exam name: SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager Exam
- Exam format: multiple-choice
- Exam implementation: web-based, without tools/reference books and external support at a fixed implementation time
- Access: through the community platform
- duration: 90 minutes
- number of questions: 45
- minimum score to pass: 34 out of 45
- Exam cost: first attempt is free if you take the exam within 30 days of the training.
- Retake Policy: You can take the second attempt immediately after the first. You must wait ten days for the third attempt and 30 days for the fourth. Each repetition costs 50 USD. For questions about the repetition please contact

Will I receive a certificate?
If you pass the exam, you will receive:
- SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager certificate
- SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager digital badge to promote your qualification online
- One-year certified SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager membership, which includes access to the LPM Community of Practice
- SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager certification manual with LPM certification badge
- Access to a variety of learning resources to support you on your SAFe® journey

Is there catering?
The service at our open courses in Darmstadt includes a cappuccino bar and catering with drinks and small snacks. At noon we invite you to a snack.

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