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SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE)

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Is your organization implementing SAFe®? Are you facing the challenge of designing and successfully implementing an Agile Release Train? Then this course is ideally suited for you. 

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25.04. – 27.04.2023
3 days, Darmstadt, German
Malte Foegen
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2,550 € 2,650 €
plus VAT
Early-bird (?)

Understand the role of the SAFe® Release Train Engineer and promote ART processes.

In this training, you will learn to be a "servant leader" and coach to build a high performing Agile Release Train (ART) that delivers end-to-end business value. After three days (remote four), you will have a comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Release Train Engineer (RTE) in the SAFe® enterprise. Through hands-on exercises, you will train to facilitate ART processes and coach leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters in new processes and ways of thinking. You will learn how to prepare, plan and execute a Program Increment (PI) planning event, which is the primary requirement for alignment at all levels of a SAFe® organization.

Competencies that the training will provide you with

  • Apply Lean-Agile knowledge and tools to optimize value creation.

  • Support Programs and Large Solutions

  • Drive continuous improvement

  • Build a powerful Agile release train by taking on the role of servant leader and coach

  • Build action plan for own advancement as Release Train Engineer.

  • Applying the SAFe® principles

  • Plan and execute a Program Increment (PI)

Varied mix of theory and practice

Like all our agile trainings, this one is interactive. In addition to the official SAFe® slides and exercises, we additionally convey the knowledge using meaningful flipcharts. The wibas trainers are certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC) of Scaled Agile, Inc. For more details about this training, please visit the official SAFe® Website.

Remote or presence – the choice is yours.

We offer our events in two formats: In presence at the wibas training center or remotely. Both forms are interactive live trainings with the typical wibas flair. You can see whether the training of your choice takes place in presence or remotely next to the respective date. Decide for yourself what you would like.

Open Training or In-house

We also offer the training "SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE)" in-house. You can then choose between presence and remote.

Who is this training for?

The training is aimed at:

  • Release and Solution Train Engineers (RTEs/STEs)

  • SAFe® Agilists

  • SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC)

  • Program and project manager

  • Scrum Master

  • Senior executives and managers

  • Agile coaches

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What does "early bird" mean?
The early bird price applies to registration up to four weeks before the start of the training. The prices are subject to change. All prices plus statutory value-added tax. Accommodation costs are not included.

What cancellation fees are due if I have to cancel? A cancellation fee of EUR 100 plus VAT is due for cancellations up to 15 calendar days before the start of the training. For registered participants whose cancellation occurs after the invoice has been sent, as well as for no-shows, a payment obligation applies for the entire training fee. If a participant cannot attend a training, their organization may have another person attend in place of the enrollees until the morning of the course start date. wibas will decide whether a training will take place no later than 15 days prior to the start date. wibas may cancel training if fewer than eight participants are enrolled at that time.

What are the prerequisites I should meet?
If you want to take the SAFe® certification exam for Release Train Engineer (RTE), you should
- Have at least one current SAFe® certification.
- have set up and participated in at least one ART and accompanied a PI.

Which training materials do I receive?
- the official workbook (English) for the SAFe® 5 Release Train Engineer (RTE) of Scaled Agile Inc.
 - Planning Poker
- participant bag with materials from wibas a.o. book Organization in a Digital Age by Malte Foegen
- Access to free licensed materials, videos and tools to support an introduction of Agile Release Trains and to practice SAFe on a daily basis
- Inclusion in the RTE directory list (optional)
- access to the private RTE community

Is there an exam? How does it work and what do I have to consider?
- Exam name: SAFe® 5 Release Train Engineer Exam
- Exam format: multiple-choice
- Exam implementation: web-based, without tools/reference books and external support at a fixed implementation time
- Access: provided by the community platform
- Duration: from the start time candidates have 120 minutes to complete the exam
- number of questions: 60
- minimum score to pass: 44 out of 60
- exam cost: first attempt is free if you take the exam within 30 days of training.
- Retake Policy: You can take the second attempt immediately after the first. You must wait ten days for the third attempt and 30 days for the fourth. Each repetition costs 50 USD. For questions about the repetition please contact support@scaledagile.com.
- Certification: The SAFe® 5 RTE exam follows strict quality standards. These ensure that those who have received certification are well prepared to effectively fulfill their RTE role in a SAFe® organization.

Will I receive a certificate?
After passing the exam, participants receive a SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE) certificate and a corresponding one-year membership.

Is there catering?
The service at our open courses in Darmstadt includes a cappuccino bar and catering with drinks and small snacks. At noon we invite you to a snack.  

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