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Are you looking for a certified OKR training for holistic business management, strategy and transformation? As a leader, manager, team leader, product owner or scrum master, are you interested in the OKR model and looking for practical examples? Then become an OKR Practitioner with us.

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What you can expect from our OKR training

Here you will learn how to use OKRs to set effective and achievable goals, facilitate meetings in a structured way, and respond quickly to changes to achieve your strategies.Our workshop provides an interactive and experiential learning environment where you will learn to focus on the OKR set to establish in a quarter through clear alignment, transparency, and good communication across the organization.

Contents of the OKR Practitioner Training

These topics, are on the agenda, but can be adapted together according to the needs of the participants and individual focus.

  • Introduction to OKRs: What are OKRs and how do they work?

  • Advantages of OKRs compared to classic control instruments

  • OKR and the 3 levels of successful implementation

  • The role of vision, mission and strategy in defining OKRs.

  • OKRs in the context of corporate strategy: How can OKRs support and implement corporate strategy?

  • Practical examples of "good" and "bad" OKRs

  • Joint formulation of OKRs based on practical examples

  • In my role, how do I implement OKRs in the organization and on the team?

  • Creating OKRs: How do I create effective and measurable OKRs?

  • Measurability of OKRs: How can you track the progress of OKRs and ensure they stay on track?

  • Best practices for OKRs: What are the best practices for implementing OKRs and how to maximize the benefits of OKRs?

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Skills of an OKR Practitioner

By participating in the two-day wibas OKR training, you will gain a sound understanding of the OKR model and learn through practical examples and exercises how to successfully implement OKRs in your company. Increase the efficiency of your leadership, strategy and management with the OKR model and revolutionize your corporate management!

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