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Large Scale Scrum: Scaling Framework for Large Products 

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) provides a consistent agile solution for working with multiple Scrum teams together on a common product.

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When does LeSS fit?

For example, if you are developing a large complex product that will only be successful if your teams coordinate closely. Do you want to deliver an integrated sub-product with each sprint in order to generate feedback and react as quickly as possible? Then, too, Large Scale Scrum might be just right for you.

LeSS is Scrum all the way.

LeSS is Scrum. That means LeSS adopts the working principles of Scrum and builds on them. Something is only added where scaling with multiple teams makes this absolutely necessary. The LeSS framework offers two variants that can map product developments of different sizes: LeSS and LeSS Huge.

LeSS: Large Scale Scrum

The approach of Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is to leave Scrum as it is - and run certain Scrum events together. In LeSS, Sprint Planning One and Sprint Review are done together. Each team has its own Sprint Planning Two and Retrospective. In addition, there is a joint retrospective of all teams. For horizontal coordination, there are joint Product Backlog Refinements and coordination between teams as needed.

LeSS: Large Scale Scrum

One Product Owner, several Scrum Masters

LeSS provides for one experienced product owner for up to eight teams, since it is a product that is developed jointly. Since both Sprint Planning One and Sprint Review are performed jointly, the Product Owner does not come into conflict. Of course, he does not manage the whole Product Backlog Refinement alone - so he does it together with members of the teams. There are several Scrum Masters - at most one for each team.

LeSS Huge: Large Scale Scrum Huge

LeSS Huge is LeSS scaled and suitable for implementing LeSS for more than eight teams developing a product. For this, it puts multiple LeSS implementations in parallel and continues to connect them through a common product and product owner.

LeSS Huge: Large Scale Scrum Huge

Roles, artifacts and events

The working principles of Scrum remain, which means that there is still a sprint, a product backlog, a definition of done, a potentially deliverable product increment, and a product owner. To establish frameworks for more than eight teams working on a product, LeSS Huge organizes multiple LeSS implementations. This means it changes needs: Area Product Owner, Requirement Areas with Area Backlogs. The overarching events take place within the LeSS implementations.

Advantages of LeSS and LeSS Huge

  • Helps with the vision of Scaled Agile at the program level;

  • Multi-team collaboration is consistently well thought out;

  • Consistently thinks Scrum further for the coordination of large products;

  • Has fewer elements than the Scaled Agile Framework, as it focuses on Scrum and product development.

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