Meetup: Agility in the development & production of physical products on 20.02.2024

Agile development of physical products - a topic that has long since arrived and is being driven forward by manufacturing companies. Our Meetup on 20.02.2024 from 13-18 o'clock in the wibas office in Darmstadt is all about agile development of physical products.

What does agility look like in the development of physical products?

  • How can cross-functional teams be created when there are only a few specialists?
  • How can prototyping be used with physical products?
  • How does an agile product development process (PDP) work?
  • When is something still an MVP, when is it already a prototype?
  • Why doesn't agility facilitate the launch of physical products?

Impulse: Experience with agile innovation management

Gideon Rath is Innovation Manager at Chemische Fabrik Budenheim and will contribute to the Meetup with his experiences with agile innovation management. 

He focuses on shortening the development time of an innovation through targeted collaboration between the different areas of a company. He has achieved this reduction through the use of agility without introducing it in all areas of the organization.

The Meetup is a great opportunity to share experiences with other producers, collaborate on solutions to your specific challenges and gain deeper insights into best practices

Be inspired by exciting keynote speeches and discussions. You can also network with like-minded people and make new contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

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