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Teams at wibas introduce themselves

At wibas, not only people work in consulting: When you call us, you are usually greeted by someone from the office team. The Service Team takes care of preparing seminars and workshops. When it comes to customer inquiries or project staffing, the Sales Team comes into play. And because the number of our consultants is constantly growing, they have formed self-organized teams. Here, in addition to day-to-day business, they develop new services, concepts for conferences and other events, or marketing strategies. In the following some teams introduce themselves.

a team of 6 people posing as line dancers in the officeWe are the Teal Team.

Teal is not only the English term for a color between aquamarine and petrol, but also a description for individuals and organizations that are far advanced in their individual and collective maturity. We are concerned with the Agile Organization, which practices principles and values of the Agile Manifesto organization-wide. We are more concerned with what is attitude and culture shaping. It is about the changed leadership, it is about the search for the common foundations (the "Purpose") and about change projects at eye level. We are continuously engaged by the question "What do our interlocutors need to actually live the values they hold dear?" This question drives us to look for ways to make this happen equally in a confidential conversation and in a large group format. Our goal is to work with our clients to design and walk these development paths.

Hey, we're the service team.A group of 7 working students pose as Power Rangers

That's what happens when you get a handful of students in a room with an Agile coach, a scope of work, and a toolbox of 20 years of experience and just let them do it. Through shared kaizens (Jap.: self-improvement) and feedback loops, we've spent the last three years developing, repeatedly overturning, and re-setting our own organizational process. The result is a now completely self-organized team of eight students from a wide variety of majors who work together in the background to manage the entire training logistics behind wibas. If you attend our open training courses at wibas, you're sure to see us working our magic at the espresso machine at some point. After all, someone has to know how the world's best coffee works.

a team stands in front of a planning wall while one person explains somethingWe are the RONJA team.

We are a team of consultants and recruiters. Our common goal is to shape the working world of tomorrow. To this end, we support our clients in accompanying agile transformations through consulting & trainings. At the same time we drive forward the further development of our wibas Way of Work, the way we deliver expertly, professionally and with individual personality to fit perfectly. Furthermore, we attract new employees and accompany wibasians on their personal journey as consultants for agility and change management.

We are the OneTeam.a team of 6 people plans the next work steps

We could use many metaphors: The OneTeam is the heart and backbone of wibas. We are the engine and control center for many processes and services at wibas. We are the machinists who keep the store running, but rather with laptop, heart, phone and brain than with oil and wrench. As a cross- and multifunctional team of IT, HR, travel and training organization, infrastructure, office organization, controlling and much more, we work on very specific, but also a lot collaboratively on overarching topics. We also tackle topics agile – in a hybrid of Scrum and Kanban. Because like all wibasians, we are also enthusiastic about agile principles and values.

A team works at a table in front of a Scaled Agile posterAnd we are the Agile to the power of 2 team.

What connects a Dutchman, a German-British, a Berliner, a Kieler-Kölner and a Griesheim woman? As a scaling team, we rock agile big. We support our customers in their challenges with large, agile, scaled structures. Really important to us are customized solutions based on e.g. SAFe, LeSS and other frameworks. We design training courses in which our participants experience how agile scaling works in everyday life. We train new wibas employees on the topic of scaling, share good practices and work intensively with partners. We host events like the "RTE Barcamp" for experts and employees to share their experiences in the scaling environment. wibas also works with teams in scaled structures, which we constantly improve together.

Which team do you want to join? Please find our job openings here.


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