AGILE Basics

Agile Basics

You want to know what agility means in your environment and what it means to work agile? In this workshop, you will learn about agile principles and agile frameworks - and their concrete added value. You will also develop your first steps towards agility.

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2 days workshop with a lot of practical relevance

In order for you to get started with the topic of agility and to be able to directly apply your theoretical knowledge in practice, we will conduct a two-part workshop with you. You will familiarize yourself with agile principles and techniques and apply them in exercises. This leads to all participants gaining a common basic understanding of agile - even if they have not come into contact with the topic before. Afterwards, you design experiments with the trainer to start with agility in your company. After the two days, you will have a list of planned, prioritized experiments that you can implement one by one.

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Experience-based, interactive training with simulations and flipcharts, no slides

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Accredited trainers who explain real applicable agile methods and principles, not an interpretation

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Dedicated training rooms in the wibas training center with innovative equipment, no hotels

Get started with the wibas coaches at your side

If you wish, we will be happy to accompany you after the workshop to get started in your company. In order for this to happen as efficiently as possible, it can be useful for our coaches to get to know your team's everyday work and the framework conditions of the organization before the workshop. This gives us the opportunity to contribute ideas for agile experiments that will really take you forward.

Who is this training for?

To ensure that agility is truly experienced, participants should ideally come from a variety of backgrounds to represent a cross-section of your organization.

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