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Meetup on tolerance poker with Alexander Kylburg on 04.07.24 

On Thursday, 04.07.24, we are hosting a meetup at wibas with Alexander Kylburg, one of the veterans of the agile scene in the Rhineland. It starts at 5:30 pm with an introduction to his game for agile teams: Tolerance Poker. Tolerance poker will be played afterwards.

Tolerance poker: a game for agile teams

Tolerance poker is used to shed light on situations in which people work together on an emotional level in order to better understand each other. In the condensed tightness of a team, different characters with different views, behaviors and expectations sometimes push mutual resilience to its limits;

Tolerance Poker helps people to talk about emerging or hidden emotions in order to strengthen their understanding of emotions and their impact on each other. As a team exercise, Tolerance Poker makes it easy to discuss underlying conflicts.

What can I expect as a participant?

In the session, Alexander first introduces the model on which tolerance poker is based and, following Glasl, delineates the space between stimulus and response for us. Using provocative behavioral examples, he brings us closer to the limits of our own resilience - or beyond. We then practise applying the game to typical team situations.

About Alexander

Alexander Kylburg is one of the veterans of the agile scene in the Rhineland. After graduating in computer science in 2001, he gained several years of experience as a software developer before discovering agile methods and lateral leadership in 2009. Since 2014, Alexander and his company paragraph eins GmbH have been helping many teams and organizations to use the positive effects of agile approaches to their advantage. He also organizes and moderates agile conferences, is passionate about giving talks - and develops games for use in agile teams.


Meetup at wibas in Darmstadt

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