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Our coaches as guides for your transformation

Our goal is that you are the master of your own change. For this to succeed, we provide support as a coach, mentor or facilitator - depending on what the situation requires. We do this for teams and individuals.

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Contact us or make an appointment directly with one of us. We are Timo Foegen, Yvonne Fischer, Tina Eisoldt, Daniel Votta and Lutz Koch.

"Are you conducting a transformation and looking for coaching support for it? Then let's talk."

Our coaching has transformation as its overarching goal.

Our coaching is typically embedded in a larger transformation setting. This can be, for example, the implementation of Scrum, an agile transformation or the implementation of a new leadership strategy.

Our coaching is more than coaching.

In the case of an organizational transformation, we accompany the entire process - from the definition of goals, including generating and prioritizing ideas, through to rollout and implementation. We act as guides and provide support from different perspectives. We act as coaches, mentors, and facilitators, and we provide ideas along the way. Behind all of this is one goal: you are the master of your own change. That's why we often refer to all of our support as "coaching".

We coach managers.

In agile or lean transformations, the classic understanding of leadership is put to the test. Dealing with employees from Generation Y is a new challenge for many organizations. We help managers in an 1:1 interaction to cope with new roles, new leadership concepts and new leadership tools (such as the Scaled Agile Framework).

Example: Coaching of an Agile Release Train 

Your company is using SAFe as a scaled agile approach for a large agile development - for example, a new e-car. Executives find themselves in new roles such as Release Train Engineer or Product Manager. They are confronted with the term "Lean Agile Leader". We help people cope with their new roles, the associated mindset and the lean-agile tools.

We coach teams.

After the Jump start regular coaching helps teams to stay on track and move forward on their path to embracing an agile culture. To this end, we accompany teams during their meetings, for example. Or we support the holders of new roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Service Request Manager or Service Delivery Manager through mentoring. 

Example: Coaching of a strategy development

At the beginning, our coaching focuses on ensuring that the strategy process is in place. We accompany this step with questions and reflection on what has worked in the past and what was less helpful. We check whether everything that is part of a strategy is present. We contribute ideas on strategy tools as well as on the process.

When it comes to implementation, our support starts with facilitating all-hands meetings and also the work in the teams. We moderate larger events and thus help management to focus on the content. We support the teams, who are working on parts of the strategy, in their teaming and self-management. Sometimes we also serve as sparring partners on content. 

With two to three coaches we facilitate an agile framework that allows the strategy process to "run" smoothly both in terms of content and process.

We help with action. We help with reflection.

We believe more in change "by doing" than in change "by telling". That's why we support doing and trying things out - and we help with reflection. Becoming a master of your own change then emerges as a result of repeated positive experiences. As coaches and guides of an organizational transformation, we do everything we can to make this happen.

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