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As a leader, are you wondering how organizations can be more responsive and dynamically robust in our digital and challenging times? Do you use Agile, Scrum or agile scaling in your company and are now looking for a suitable organizational design as a structure and framework for your future viability? Then the Masterclass Agile Organizational Design is just the right thing for you!

The next Masterclass Agile Organization Design trainings:

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3 days, remote, MEZ, German
7 Webinars: June 3rd., 6th., 10th., 13th., 17th., 20th., 24th., 2024 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Practice module: July 2nd and 3rd. 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Darmstadt
Tina Eisoldt, Birgit Mallow
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2,250 € 2,450 €
plus VAT
Early-bird (?)
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3 days, remote, MEZ, German
7 webinars: 2024 Novenber 11th., 14th., 18th., 21th., 25th., 28th., 2024 Dec. 2nd from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. onsite modul 2024 December 10th. - 11th. in Munic from 9:00 a.m. to - 5:00 p.m.
Tina Eisoldt, Birgit Mallow
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2,250 € 2,450 €
plus VAT
Early-bird (?)
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What distinguishes the Agile Organizational Design Masterclass?

With our Masterclass Agile Organizational Design we pursue one overriding goal: From practice for practice! We create orientation in the jungle of agile organizational structures. As a group in our Masterclass, we look together at cases from your practice and develop suitable solution ideas based on what we have learned and our experience. Our attitude here is that it is precisely through these insights into organizations and different designs that we can most sustainably tap into the patterns of agile organizational design such as Spotify, self-organization, scaling, and so on.

In 7 webinars (1.5h each) during the off-peak hours of your working day, we provide you with basic knowledge about agile organizational structures. The subsequent practical module builds on this knowledge. This is 2 intensive days in presence, in which you transfer the knowledge into your own company practice with the other participants, work on real case studies collegially and we learn with and from each other.

Contents of the Masterclass Agile Organizational Design

In the 7 webinars (1.5h each) you can expect the following contents:

  • Introduction to the design principles of agile organizations

  • How do we create a focus on value creation across hierarchies? - Work instead of "employment

  • Leadership and agility? Leadership and hierarchy in agile organizations

  • Seeing through the jungle of team structures: Teams - Crews - Cells - Squads and Co. 

  • Agile organization in practice: matrix - circle organization - network organizations

  • Fertile Ground for Agile Working - The Importance of Corporate Culture

  • Implementing Continuous Improvement - Agile Organizational Development as a Factor for Agile Organization

  • A look at classic pitfalls in implementing agile designs

  • Useful practices from agile transformations across a wide range of industries

The following contents await you in the practical module (2 attendance days):

  • Work beyond theory - Intensive case work in small groups on your practice

  • Own experience from different industries - Competent support by experienced coaches

  • Test and challenge your agile design idea - develop solutions for direct implementation in your organization.

  • Viewing complexity together and dealing with it successfully: Every organization is different!

What do you take away from the agile organizational design masterclass?

We will show you adaptable patterns and design principles for an agile organization design, with which you can design your own solution and benefit from proven experiences at the same time. The masterclass gives you orientation in the variety of agile organizational structures and shows you how to build your entire organization dynamically robust.

Who will you meet in the Agile Organizational Design Masterclass?

In the composition of our Masterclass, we pay particular attention to diversity and variety. You will meet a wide variety of people and industries - from start-ups to corporations. We share experiences, challenges and successes. As a group, we are united by one goal: How can we use agile design patterns for dynamic organizations and what is the best thing we can take away from each other?

Who will accompany you on your journey through the Agile Organizational Design Masterclass?

With the wibas Masterclass we combine the best of two worlds: Agile solution designs meet system-theoretical structural elements. In many transformations of well-known companies, our coaches Tina Eisoldt and Birgit Mallow have gained manifold experiences in different (agile) organizational forms. During the masterclass, they will accompany you on the way to designing your own solution ideas for your organization.

The Agile Organizational Design Masterclass summarized:

As a group to the Agile Organizational Design Masterclass!

Get an exclusive group discount starting with 3 people. Experience the Masterclass Agile Organizational Design together or in different trainings;

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Workshop Agile Organization Structure

Develop an agile organizational structure for your agile organization? Let's start with a workshop  

Contact us or make an appointment directly. We are Timo Foegen, Yvonne Fischer, Tina Eisoldt, Daniel Votta and Lutz Koch. We look forward to finding a customized solution together.


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