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Certified Agile Change Manager

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The change to a more agile and efficient organization requires an agile change. In this hands-on training, you will learn how to become an Agile Change Manager. Good change is fun - and that starts with the training. 

The next trainings:

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14.03. – 17.03.2023
6 days, Darmstadt, German
part 2 on November 29th. - 30th., 2023
Stephanie Lohß, David Croome
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2,650 € 2,850 €
plus VAT
Early-bird (?)
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12.09. – 15.09.2023
6 days, Darmstadt, German
part 2 on November 29th. - 30th., 2023
Stephanie Lohß, Jan Jung
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2,650 € 2,850 €
plus VAT
Early-bird (?)

Agile methods for your successful change

We at wibas have been supporting our clients in agile change for more than ten years. A lot of experience that you will benefit from in this training. You will learn agile methods and techniques that supports your successful change to an agile organization. Your topics and challenges are the focus here. You already practice on your concrete examples during the training – and thus take away a maximum amount for the implementation in your company. The training consists of two parts. This allows you to transfer what you have learned directly into practice and receive valuable feedback from our trainers in the second part. In addition, you will learn supplementary techniques that will be applied to the participant cases. Expect a lot of variety and interaction – as well as answers to the following questions:

  • How do I implement agile change across the depth and breadth of the organization?

  • How do I ensure that an agile culture is created?

  • How do I orchestrate the changes?

  • How do I measure success? What needs to be done so that the organization actively supports the change?

  • How can I implement agile principles in a change?

Topics oriented to the chronological sequence in a change

The structure of the training is based on the time sequence of a real change process:

  • Success factors for successful change

  • Change Facilitation: The combination of agile mindset frameworks and change management

  • Identification of a legitimized status quo

  • Legitimate target image: necessity, urgency and vision

  • Cooperation with the leadership

  • Communication as the key to change

  • Implementation across the board - working with the organization

  • Institutionalization with experiments

  • Evaluation of the effects of the changes 

  • Planning your own next steps

Remote or presence – the choice is yours.

We offer our events in two formats: Presence at the wibas training center or remotely. Both forms are interactive live trainings with the usual wibas flair. Whether the training of your choice takes place in presence or remote, you can see next to the respective date. If you book the training as an in-house variant, you decide which format you prefer – of course depending on the current Corona regulations.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What does "early bird" mean?
The early bird price applies to registration up to four weeks before the start of the training. The prices are subject to change. All prices plus statutory value-added tax. Accommodation costs are not included.

What cancellation fees are due if I have to cancel?
A cancellation fee of EUR 100 plus VAT is due for cancellations up to 15 calendar days before the start of the training. For registered participants whose cancellation occurs after the invoice has been sent, as well as for no-shows, a payment obligation for the entire training fee applies. If a participant cannot attend a training, their organization may have another person attend in place of the enrollees until the morning of the course start date. wibas will decide whether a training will take place no later than 15 days prior to the start date. wibas may cancel training if fewer than eight participants are enrolled at that time.

What requirements should I meet?
- Agile experience (advantageous)
- Leadership experience (advantageous)

What training materials will I receive?
In this training you will receive:
- Photo log of the training
- Poster: The map of change
- Book: Agility Compact

Is there an exam? How does it work and what do I have to pay attention to?
There is a final test after the training.

Will I receive a certificate?
Training, practice and exam are the basis for the certification at the end. To receive the Certified Agile Change Manager certification, you must successfully pass the final test and implement a change management project during the practice phase.

What can I do after the training?
You will have mastered the techniques to safely implement strategic change initiatives.
- You have practically applied important techniques and tools that are necessary for change.
- You know typical phases of an agile change.
- You know how to execute a change project in an agile manner.
- You have practiced communicating procedures and techniques of a change project to others.
- You have applied the techniques to your own agile change.
- Are you part of an active network of participants sharing change knowledge with each other.

Is there catering?
The service at our open courses in Darmstadt includes a cappuccino bar and hospitality with drinks and small snacks. At noon we invite you to a snack, in the evening to an exclusive dinner. Here you can exchange newly acquired knowledge and experiences in an informal setting.

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