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Are you looking for a way to skillfully combine agile approaches and change management? The change to a more efficient organization benefits from an agile change approach. You will learn how to succeed on this path in this hands-on training that will qualify you as an Agile Change Manager. Good change is fun - and that starts with the training.

The next Certified Agile Change Manager trainings:

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17.09. – 20.09.2024
6 days, Darmstadt, German
part 2 December 3th. to 4th. 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Stephanie Lohß
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Agile methods for your successful change

At wibas, we have been supporting our clients in agile change and agile transformation for more than fifteen years. A lot of experience that you will benefit from in this training: All content is field-tested and helps us as change agents every day in large transformation projects. The training to become a Certified Agile Change Manager offers quasi the scholastic home of our consulting experience in change projects. You will learn agile methods and techniques that will help you achieve successful change. The goal here can be a more agile organization but also many other complex change projects. Your topics and challenges are the focus here. You will already practice on your concrete examples during the training - and thus take away as much as possible for the implementation in your company. The training consists of two parts. In this way, you transfer what you have learned directly into practice and receive valuable feedback from our trainers and the training group in the second part. You will also learn complementary techniques that will be applied to the participant cases. Expect a lot of variety and interaction - as well as answers to the following questions:

  • How do I implement agile change across the depth and breadth of the organization?

  • How do I ensure that a culture of change is created?

  • How do I orchestrate the changes?

  • How do I involve leadership and management in the change process?

  • How do I address resistance in change/ and transformation processes?

  • What techniques can I draw on for stakeholder management?

  • How do I measure success? What needs to be done so that the organization actively supports the change?

  • How can I implement agile principles in a change?

Experience-based, interactive training with simulations and flipcharts, no slides.

Accredited trainers who explain applicable change management practices, not an interpretation.

Dedicated training rooms in the wibas training center with innovative equipment.

Pictogram of two people, with arrows running back and forth between them, representing interaction


Experience-based, interactive training with simulations and flipcharts, no slides.

Schematic representation of a certificate


Accredited trainers who explain real applicable agile change management practices, not an interpretation.

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Dedicated training rooms in the wibas training center with innovative equipment.

What can I expect in the agile change manager training?

The Certified Agile Change Manager training enables you to orchestrate complex change and transformation projects in your company. We stick to the approach here: From practice for practice. We start with an insight into agile and learn how change and agile approaches can be combined. We deepen this foundation and work out the 9 essential success factors for agile change. Here you will learn appropriate techniques and competencies for your practice: Change Canvas, Change Story, working with the Map of Change and how you can use Gamification in change. 

Fundamental building blocks in change: legitimized status quo and target vision.

Essential for a successful change project is the legitimate collection of status quo and target vision. These building blocks in change are also covered in depth in the training and enable you as a change facilitator to reliably ascertain them in your organization. Here we draw on years of practical experience: How do I design a status quo? How do I involve executives and management? How do I, as a change facilitator, help the organization to reach its target picture?

a frame shows the different parts of a target vision and which components are necessary for an agile change.
In the left foreground, a group of 3 laughing people are standing around a table discussing. In the right background, 2 people are working together on a whiteboard.

Our goal: Enablement for agile change!

In summary: In this training, we design the tools for change facilitators to orchestrate complex change. Interactive and practical. The 6 days in total offer space for practice, interaction, theory and allow to focus on your own cases.

What participants take away from Agile Change Manager Training

  • Practically applied techniques and tools necessary for change and its implementation.
  • The experience of how a change project is carried out in an agile manner
  • Practice in teaching others procedures and techniques of a change project.
  • Applying the techniques to your own agile change
  • You are part of an active network of participants who share change knowledge with each other

Material for the Certified Agile Change Manager Training

As a participant, you will receive a participant bag (in attendance) or a participant box (remote) with the following materials:

  • the map of change (poster with explanatory booklet)
  • an agility compact for quick reference
  • An Agile Change Manager Diary for notes and self-development.

After the Agile Change Manager training, you will be in an even better position to put theory into practice.

Full Service for your Certified Agile Change Manager Training

The following services are included in this training:

  • Certificate after successfully passing the final test
  • Photo protocol of the contents after the training
  • Possibility to network with other training participants on the mywibas platform
  • Lunch on each training day (face-to-face training)
  • Barista coffee, tea, cold drinks, fruit and snacks (presence training).

Agile Change Manager Training in 4+2 days

The Certified Agile Change Manager Training starts with 4 consecutive days (Part 1), during which the knowledge transfer takes place. During these 4 days you will learn techniques and thinking models that will enable you to successfully orchestrate your individual change project. You will immediately apply these to your own practice: You bring along your own individual cases from your environment in order to adapt the techniques and thinking models taught and apply them directly to them;

In the second part (end of the year), during which you will have applied the knowledge you have gained to your individual change project, you will come together again for two days with the training group and share your experiences, insights and possible challenges that you encountered during your practical phase. You will work on these in small groups and receive in-depth input. The 2 days conclude with a final test, after which you will receive your Agile Change Manager certificate.

In addition to the open trainings, we are also happy to offer the agile change manager training in-house at your organization.

Our open trainings take place in presence in the wibas training center.

If you book the training as an in-house variant, you decide which format you prefer: presence at the wibas training center or remote. Both formats are interactive live trainings with the usual wibas flair. Feel free to contact us!

In-house Agile Change Manager Training

Looking for agile change manager training just for your team? Jan is happy to help with in-house training. The Certified Agile Change Manager Training in presence or remote, in German or English. Just tell us your preferred date and time.

Come to agile change manager training as a group!

Secure an exclusive group discount starting at 3 people. Experience the Certified Agile Change Manager (CACM) training together or split up into different trainings.

Interested? Please feel free to write to us:

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Certified Agile Change Manager Training

What requirements should I meet for this training?
- Current change project
- Agile experience (advantageous)
- Leadership experience (advantageous)

Is there an exam? How does it work and what do I have to pay attention to?
After the training there is a final test.

Will I receive a certificate?
Training, practice and test are the basis for the certification at the end. To receive the Certified Agile Change Manager certification, you must successfully pass the final test and accompany a change project during the practical phase.

Is there additional catering?
On one of the training evenings, we invite you to an exclusive dinner. Here you can exchange newly acquired knowledge and experiences in an informal setting.

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