Product Owner for successful teams

Do you want your projects to not only be managed in an agile way, but also have a clear focus on customer value? Are you currently missing the key figure of a product owner? We are happy to help! Our service includes the provision of experienced product owners who will work closely with your team to ensure your products create maximum value.

Interims Product Owner request

Contact us or make an appointment directly with one of us: We are Timo Foegen, Yvonne Fischer, Tina Eisoldt, Daniel Votta and Lutz Koch.

"We look forward to talk to you about your requirements and finding the perfect support for you."

A wibas Product Owner is a master of value enhancement

While many people immediately think of Scrum when they think of agility, we know that agility is much more than that. Our Product Owners are not only trained in Scrum, but are also proficient in Kanban, Lean, Design Thinking and other agile methods. This versatility enables our Product Owners to integrate into any agile environment.

Product Owner for your projects

Are you looking for a leader who can establish a clear and targeted product vision and shape your product and service in an economically effective way? Are you currently lacking a Product Owner who can both define strategic goals and effectively manage prioritization in the backlog? Our Interim Product Owner offers an ideal solution. Not only do we fill temporary vacancies, our approach also ensures that your project team develops products that maximize customer value and ensure profitability.

Our Product Owners optimize the interface between stakeholder requirements and development teams to promote smooth and targeted product development. They play a key role in defining product goals, creating and prioritizing the product backlog and ensuring that all project stakeholders have a clear understanding of the work assignments. Through these responsibilities, teams consistently focus on realizing business goals while remaining agile.

wibas has many years of extensive experience in agile working and transformation. In every assignment, we make sure that the product owners deployed take your teams forward and ensure efficient, agile teamwork.

This service is also possible as temporary contract staffing thanks to our permanent license.