Three personalities. One direction. The founders of wibas have been on board since the beginning. They represent the identification of the people at wibas with the corporate vision of making work and business better in the 21st century.

Claudia Raak

Claudia Raak has been working for more than 15 years in strategic projects as a management consultant, coach and assessor for international organizations in Germany and worldwide. Her main interests are sustainable implementation of agile ways of working both in daily work and on an organizational level to make companies more flexible and adaptable. She is consulted by clients especially for complex projects.

Jörg Battenfeld

Jörg Battenfeld is valued for his ability to structure complex tasks quickly and systematically and to develop creative solutions together with the customer. He inspires both senior management and employees for agility and involves them in the implementation of a change.

Malte Foegen

Malte Foegen a driver and innovator who moves our customers as well as wibas forward. He has been with wibas for more than 20 years. Numerous publications and lectures testify to his ability to bring even complicated issues to the point in an understandable way. Malte Foegen is a "trainee in the board of directors" (since 2000) and is currently learning the role of Chief Product Owner there (since 2018). Customers appreciate Malte Foegen for being accepted by both management and work levels and for building the necessary bridges during change processes.

The boss of everything (CEO):

Claudia Raak

wibas GmbH

Claudia Raak

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