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Why we work at wibas

The reasons why and how someone came to wibas and, above all, why they stay, are as varied as the personalities and professional backgrounds themselves. Here are some of them.

Daniel Schauperl – multiple wibas alumnus and still at it: How could wibas win me three times?

Daniel SchauperlI'm attracted by good things. Good people, good work, good interaction. Or in other words: Appreciative communication at eye level, trust, goodwill and transparency – attitudes that I experience every day at wibas. Whether behind the scenes or on stage – as a working student, intern and now consultant, I was able to get to know all sides of wibas. Mistrust has become a foreign word to me during this time. Instead, I encounter trust at all levels and the assumption that everyone always acts to the best of their knowledge and with the best of intentions. Of course, mistakes happen – we are all human. And that's where the open and honest feedback culture comes in handy, which still fascinates me today. In this way, not only one's own abilities but also one's entire personality are continuously and sustainably strengthened and developed. People are the focus of everything. This is also what prompted me to take a closer look at wibas during my internship and to stay with wibas after my studies.


Daniel Adolph – IT@wibas part-time. Why do you (like to) work at wibas?

In a few years of professional experience, I have heard a lot about agile working before and supposedly practiced it. But at wibas it is also lived. Every morning, our team of seven stands in front of the team board and talks about the planned and, above all, unplanned work. Especially in the office, the latter can happen. That's why we prioritize our tasks together as a team, offer each other our help – even if it just means having our backs free for some necessary concentrated work. For me as a part-time IT admin, this means that from midday onwards, my son and I take care of the next challenge: his homework.

Lutz Koch – an all-purpose weapon in consultancy who has been with wibas for a long time. Why are you still there?

Portrait of Lutz KochAt wibas, we meet as equals, regardless of whether an intern, a consultant or a managing director are working together. We are honest with each other and there for each other because we see ourselves as people and not as employees. In terms of content, I can drive forward topics in line with the strategy that I am interested in. We then do that together as a team. If I notice something that we should do better, I can always bring it up or improve it myself. For customer assignments, I'm asked in advance if I want to do them. Sounds good? Exactly. That's why the question for me is not why I'm still here, but why should I leave?

Caroline Haußmann – experienced all-round consultant and has been with wibas for tens of years. What makes wibas special for you?

Caroline im wibas BüroI can go my own way and am supported in doing so. I can shape my roles as mother, consultant and coach in such a way that they fit under one hat. At wibas, I experience role models, masterminds, co-thinkers and comrades-in-arms - not heroes, but real personalities with rough edges. With wibas, I have my finger on the pulse of the times for the topics of agility, digitalization and new work.

Caroline Reinecke – joined wibas as a graduate and thus a consultant since 2018. Why did you join wibas?

Caroline im wibas BüroI came to wibas because I want to design future-oriented workplaces. Before wibas, I worked in a company in Amsterdam that was organized holocratically. There I experienced that work can also function differently. Self-organized, self-responsible, following a meaning. That inspired me. At wibas, I can bring exactly that into the world, inspire other companies and support them on their way to an agile organization. Why do I stay with wibas? Because I don't do exactly that alone, but together with colleagues. It's more fun and we can learn from each other every day.

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