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Agile Portfolio Management

Dynamic markets, economic uncertainties and new technologies present companies constantly with major challenges. They need to act quickly, launch meaningful projects, develop innovative products, and achieve maximum value with existing resources. This is where agile portfolio management comes into play. It helps companies in the VUCA world to react dynamically to changes and do the right thing at the right time.

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Why Agile Portfolio Management Is Important

Classic portfolio management, which is typically close to the management suite, often only sets very abstract goals. Details that remain unconsidered in a portfolio process isolated from the actual "implementers" or changes in the market environment after the strategy has been shaped often become hurdles in the day-to-day operations in the months that follow. Changing this is not so easy in classic portfolio systems: There is no provision for rolling adjustment to the current factual situation. Planning is done at least one year in advance - in line with the budget year. This is in stark contrast to what the VUCA world demands: Here, decisions must be made quickly, in shorter cycles and, above all, where the information lies: With, by and with the people who implement the strategy.

The vision: responsive portfolio management

Modern, agile portfolio management meets these challenges: the portfolio process establishes a two-way link between corporate strategy and external changes. Planning is rolling and takes place at regular shorter intervals. The operational level is involved. In this way, realistic targets are set in shorter planning cycles. The company's strategic goals (time horizon 1-2 years) are implemented at the operational level (1-4 weeks) via a tactical level (1-3 months). The (rolling) goals of the operational level pay into the (rolling) goals of the strategy. Goal achievement is inspected, and goals are adjusted.

Operational activities and strategic planning go hand in hand

Agile portfolio management is an important prerequisite on the way to becoming an agile company. Because it is not enough to let teams work according to agile frameworks without changing the rest of the organization. Operational action and strategic action must go hand in hand to succeed in the VUCA world.

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