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We believe in two-way selection at eye level. You are looking for the best working environment for you and we are looking for the best employees. That's why we're happy to answer your questions. Right from the start. After all, a personal meeting is usually the quickest way to find out whether you're a good match.

Sybille Besecke – wibasian since 2006. Recruiter and contact person for HR in all life situations.

Portrait of Sybille BeseckeAs "HR Majesty", I am the first point of contact when you apply for a job at wibas. Even during my studies, I had the vision of bringing the right people and jobs or employers together so that the full potential is exploited on all sides and the chemistry is right. I'm happy when I can inspire and win people over – and help them to stay. My goal is for you to feel comfortable with us and to develop according to your interests and abilities. Because in the end, that benefits everyone: you, wibas and our customers. If it suits everyone, then I'm happy.

Astrid Meyser - with wibas since 2010. Consultant, trainer, coach, CoP Recruiting, tea drinker.

Portrait of Astrid MeyserI accompany the selection of new colleagues from the very beginning. Because we consultants and also our clients work and live all over Germany and beyond, our contact with applicants often begins with a detailed telephone call. Here we can both ask questions and get a first impression of whether and how we fit together. Because I train and consult myself, I can answer practical questions about everyday working life very well. In the further course, the meetings usually take place in the office in Darmstadt. At the latest now you get an insight into the cool working environment, meet some people from the wibas team and get a taste of wibas flair – including the smell of espresso. For tea drinkers: This selection is also great. Until the "yes-word" it is usually two personal conversations. In the second conversation on site in Darmstadt it also becomes interactive. But more about that when you're ready.

Mark Kepler - Agile Coach at wibas since 2017. Recruiting & People Enabler 

Profile picture Agile Coach Mark Kepler wibas

As a long-time employee at wibas, our corporate culture runs through my veins. In my opinion, the match of your personality and our culture is the perfect starting point for good cooperation. However, it is not easy to grasp personality or corporate culture through research. If you're interested in finding out whether we match, I will  happily provide you with first-hand information about our company values, beliefs, daily work routines, recruiting and will answer all further questions. Do you want to listen to our story and tell us yours?  Don't hesitate then, I look forward to our first call!

Looking forward to your application:

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