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A sustainability report is more than just fulfilling obligations

With a sustainability report, you can disclose your performance and progress with regard to social, ecological and economic aspects. In this way, you build trust with customers, employees and investors. The report also serves as a basis for developing and improving your sustainability strategy. 

Your path to a profitable sustainability report could look like this:

Sustainability reporting process

The principles of our work in sustainability reporting

We plan and design an individual sustainability reporting process for and with you. As transformation experts, we support you not only in the collection and analysis of data, facts and figures. We put special focus on the further development of your organization and the people in it, so that sustainability becomes a matter of course.

The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) since 2023

Since 2017, large capital market-oriented companies have been required to prepare annual sustainability reports in accordance with the NFRD Directive. Since January 5, 2023, the new EU directive (CSRD) on extended reporting requirements has come into force. On the one hand, this extends the content requirements for sustainability reporting and, on the other hand, extends the reporting obligation to further groups of companies.

Information to be included in the report:

  • Company profile with mission and strategy
  • Employee Management
  • Environmental management
  • Social commitment
  • Governance
  • Other non-financial key figures and indicators
Chart with figures and graph

A number of frameworks are CSRD compliant.

There are many opinions on which standards and formats are most suitable for sustainability reporting and which contents are indispensable in such a report. The common standards are:

European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

  • This standard is being developed by a body (EFRAG) on behalf of the European Commission in order to have a uniform standard for CSRD
  • Currently only available in english version final
  • Strongly aligns with the GRI

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • International and most widely used framework
  • The GRI standards are a modular system that also includes industry-specific standards

German Sustainability Code (DNK)

  • National standard for German companies
  • Consists of 20 criteria divided into four areas
  • Targets companies of all sizes and industries

A voluntary sustainability reporting

By voluntarily preparing a sustainability report before committing, you can position your company as a pioneer. They can improve operational practices and strengthen their credibility as a committed sustainability pioneer.

Your way to the sustainability report

There are various ways to prepare a sustainability report. This is largely dependent on the respective company situation. We support you in establishing a report preparation process that is customized for you.

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