Agile Leadership - what is agile leadership?

As a leader in an agile environment, you face special challenges. How can you lead your organization when the teams are self-organized?

Agile leadership means a challenge for managers.

There are many useful aids for the introduction of agile approaches and methods, values and principles. But what do you do as a manager? How do you lead your organization when teams are expected to be self-organized? How can you continue to focus on the performance of your teams without limiting self-organization? What values and frameworks are important to encourage self-organized work while maintaining or enhancing performance?

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Agile leadership must understand agility.

Als agile Leader in einem agilen Umfeld müssen Sie,  ebenso wie ihre Teams, die agilen Werte verinnerlichen. Sie sind Vorbild, Vorreiter und vermutlich auch Schnittstelle zu nicht-agilen Bereichen in ihrer Organisation. Das bedeutet für Sie, dass sie nicht nur die agilen Vorgehensweisen kennen müssen (wie Scrum and Kanban), they must also understand, internalize, exemplify and demand the agile values and principles from their teams. If they agile Leadership they need to understand what agility is all about.

The ideal agile leader is intrinsically motivated agile expert.

Do you want to be the ideal agile leader? What do you need to bring to the table? You must - as already mentioned - understand agility. You need to understand and accept the separation of powers between the various leadership roles and the implementation teams. This also means accepting the self-organization and thus responsibility of the teams. They need to know what environment agile teams need to be effective and create that environment. You will learn how long-term planning works - even in an agile environment.

Agile leadership should know different agile models and methods.

You should know the different scaling models in your organization and understand which operating principles come into play there. Since agility also means being responsive and flexible, you should be able to apply various methods used in the agile environment, e.g., prioritization methods or methods for developing new business areas or internal services in an agile manner. You should know how to lead employees according to Theory Y. Last but not least, you should be willing to keep learning and adapting. Your role as a manager will also change.

Agile leadership is an attitude, not a method

Although many methods and approaches are part of agile leadership, agile leadership is not a method. An agile leader is characterized by his or her attitude. The attitude towards work, towards their employees and their appreciation and towards change. This means that the path to becoming an agile leader involves not only professional learning but also a change in attitude.

We support you on your way to Agile Leadership.

We coach executives on their way to a agile mindset. Our agile management coaches have many years of experience in the agile environment. They support them in developing and living an agile mindset. They know technical leadership topics as well as agile methods and models and have internalized the agile values. This helps them to create an environment for their teams and employees in which high-performing teams develop and work.

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