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Digitalization: Creating innovations with digital technologies

Digitalization is a megatrend and behaves like the weather: It is happening and you are a part of it. Digitalization means creating innovations with digital technologies. Digitalization encompasses a transformation of almost all areas of life – including the world of work. For organizations, digitalization is about the emergence of completely new business processes and models with the help of digital technologies. Digitalization can‘t be thought without New Work.

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"We provide you with the unencumbered, clear view from the outside, ask critical questions and look with you at how digitalization works best for you."

Four theses on digitalization

The most beautiful winter is no fun in summer clothes. It's a similar story with the topic of digitalization. It requires a different way of thinking and acting than many have learned in recent years – of the digital product or business model, but also of the product development process itself. You won't get far with classic, non-agile work processes. A new digital idea, i.e. WHAT you do, also needs a different way of HOW you do it. In practice, this means that new digital business and highly innovative projects require a new way of work that often doesn't get a chance in grown, less flexible structures. That's why it makes sense to outsource these innovations to a start-up within your company. With agile structures, fast decision-making processes and a lot of fresh wind. Only then will existing structures not hold you back and your digital innovations have the chance to unfold unhindered.

You have the digital business model? We build the organization with you.

No matter how stormy things get for you: We support you in developing your digital product. We deliver New Work for digitalization, with one or more of the following elements:

  • Together with you, we design the Lean & Agile structure and processes of your digital unit.

  • We structure a digitalization program to produce early and regular results.

  • We provide you with techniques to establish agile collaboration and new work: at the team level, in collaboration, and in portfolio management.

  • We enable you to work agile through training and coaching.

  • We provide you with experienced experts on an interim basis, such as Scrum Masters or Release Train. So you are ready to act from day one.

Digitalization with wibas: a winning combination

Thinking and acting Lean & Agile is our daily business. As pioneers of agile, we think unconventionally - it's in our DNA. We provide you with the unencumbered, clear view from the outside, ask critical questions about what your "new house" can do and deliver solutions that are geared to your individual needs.

Where do you go from here?

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