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New Work: working in a digital age

New Work is a broad field. Lean and agility are two important building blocks. These frameworks bring to you effective methods that implement New Work in concrete terms – and at the same time they build on principles that are useful in the long term.

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New Work: new forms of work for a changing world.

The term "New Work" goes back to the social philosopher Frithjof Bergmann and is an attempt to develop a sustainable work model. New Work is based on the observation that our work on the way from the industrial to the knowledge society  - driven, among other things, by the Digitization - is undergoing a paradigm shift. This requires a rethinking of how we work. As an overarching term, New Work encompasses all the forms of work that are emerging in light of this background.

As wibas we strive to make work and business better.

Finding and shaping new forms of work and organization with our clients - that is what we have been doing at wibas since 1997. Our vision is to make work and business better, so that companies and their people are more successful.

As pragmatists, we work on New Work - piece by piece.

In our pragmatic approach, we work on New Work by supporting people, teams and organizations with concrete methods and techniques. We advise organizations, teams and people where they are at in the moment. We bring in techniques and methods that help in these situations. We design New Work where it is needed right now and in a way that benefits now and in the future.

We like Agile and Lean. Because of the patterns and the ideas behind them.

Agile and Lean are schools of thought and collections of methods that we as pragmatists find very useful. With the methods we can concretely make a positive difference and make both companies better and people happier. And with coaching at team, leadership or company level, we help to ensure that the principles behind Agile and Lean - such as self-management - also bring sustainable benefits.

We like to resolve contradictions.

We believe that happy people and successful companies are mutually reinforcing. If we improve one, we improve the other. We like plans - precisely to be able to accommodate change. We like shared direction - because purpose and vision give people freedom to act. And we believe that interdisciplinary teams rather than homogeneous departments support joint working and bring work into flow. For us, these are all essential components of New Work. At the same time, that's not all: for one thing, there's not enough space here to list what we believe is part of New Work, and for another, the world has enough surprises in store for us. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and how it will change our world of work. Corona has just shown us how quickly working methods, but also principles, can change.

If you want Lean, Agile and new ways of work - then we should talk.

No matter what piece of the puzzle of New Work is important to you, be it Teamwork, Agile scaling, the agile organization or maybe "only" Strategy work or Portfolio Management: We bring work innovations to life in concrete results. Interested? Make an appointment.

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