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Kanban Compact

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Kanban Compact is a pocket summary of the Kanban framework. It serves as a "cheat sheet" and covers the most important elements of Kanban.

Your companion for implementing Kanban

This pocket book contains all elements of the Kanban framework – briefly and concisely. It is intended to fit into your pocket, so you can consult it as a "cheat sheet" when the need arises. Kanban Kompakt summarizes the official description of Kanban according to David J. Anderson and Andy Carmichael "The essence of Kanban kompakt".

Kanban Compact (german)

Kanban Compact (german)

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Contents in compressed form

Kanban is a framework from the Lean toolbox to get work flowing along the value chain – from the creation of an idea to its delivery. In Kanban, work does not need to be planned or controlled by a manager. Through visualization and the pull principle, in the self-regulating system, the team can organize the work independently and optimize its processes. Kanban is used in many teams to perform tasks together effectively and efficiently. Kanban Compact provides you with the most important contents in a condensed form.

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