As a management consultancy, we are sparring partners for complex challenges

As experts and management consultancy for organizational development and creative thinkers, we are sparring partners for executives. We solve complex challenges with you co-creatively. 

Let's think together now

Contact us or make an appointment directly with one of us. We are Timo Foegen, Yvonne Fischer, Tina Eisoldt, Daniel Votta and Lutz Koch. 

"We are happy to be your sparring partner and think with you."

Management consulting: Creative solutions for special challenges

As a manager, you are constantly confronted with challenges that are not commonplace and which require creative solutions. For such creative solutions there's a lot we can offer: outside-the-box creative thinking, solutions from other industries, and experience in organizational development. Our management consultants do all this based on their own leadership experience.

Our offer: Let us solve challenges together.

In our management consulting, we work with you to solve challenges for which there are no blueprints or silver bullets. In personal discussions or in workshops, we develop solutions to address your specific situation. We don't bring ready-made concepts; we use our competence to tackle new things. Our New Work mindset is also noticeable in our "not-so-classic" management consultancy approach: Delivering results early, choosing a simple rather than a complicated solution, an openness to adapt - these are just a few examples of how we tackle classic leadership issues in an "agile" way.

Example: I want to develop the corporate strategy in the company.

Do you want to develop the corporate strategy yourselfto ensure it comes from the heart of the organization? We can do that. No, we won't write the strategy for you. But we can facilitate the process of developing the strategy with the people of your organization. We will add the extra touch of doing this the agile way: quick, with the people, transparently, so it's something your organization will embrace. We can do this because we know how to do strategy, but we also know how to do it in an agile way. So, if you are faced with developing a strategy - ask us.

Example: The implementation of our strategy fell flat.

The strategy is in place and known to all. The goals are clear. What's missing are the concrete measures to implement the strategy. And this is often where nothing happens. Although there is a lot of discussion in working groups, actions still fail to materialize. We have ideas for that situation - ask us.

Example: We need ideas that expand our business.

Business is humming. Now is actually the best time to seek new topics to expand our business. But there is no sense of urgency. How can we move forward anyway? Ask us.

These were just a few examples. How about your case?

These are just a few examples from our most recent projects that challenge us as a classic management consultancy, where fresh thinking is required instead of patent remedies. If you also have a topic: let's think about it together.

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