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The agile organization as a goal for faster adaptation to the market

Becoming an agile organization is a goal for many companies. Linked to this is the desire to become more responsive and enable faster alignment to changing markets.

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The development to an agile organization takes time.

Evolving from a traditional organization to an agile organization is a long journey. On this path, not only the working methods have to be changed, which may have to be accompanied by restructuring, but also the culture and the mindset of the people in this organization have to change. None of this can be done overnight. 

An agile organization constantly strives for improvement and does not stand still.

One of the reasons why organizations strive to become agile is the need to react faster to changes in the market and become more adaptable. This is achieved in agile organizations through various aspects. These include, for example, greater delegation of decision-making, but also the constant striving for improvement. In agile ways of working, this approach to improvement is embedded in the procedures and it is part of the mindset not to look for culprits but for improvements. However, this also means that an organization is not "transformed" into an agile organization once and then stays that way. Rather, the agile organization is characterized by constant change and improvement.

The path to an agile organization is called agile transformation.

Organizations that set out on the path to becoming an agile organization undergo an agile transformation. Since this is not just a pure reorganization or a simple introduction of a new form of work, but affects many aspects of an organization, a profound transformation is being undergone. This is usually accompanied by Agile Coaches, as they can definitely accelerate the transformation. Experienced Agile Coaches know the agile ways of working and have internalized the agile mindset. They can thus ideally support the transformation of the organization at the working level.

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