A new perspective on resistance to change

A common problem in change management is employee resistance to change. However, there is a conceptual framework that can help understand and overcome these resistances: constructivism.

The basis of constructivism is the assumption that we actively construct our knowledge and ideas about the world. Each person has their own perspective on the world, which is influenced by various factors such as experiences, culture, and environment. This understanding can also be used in change management.

It a Handdran picture that symbolizes constructivism. You can se an Elephant and around it a lot of blindfolded people shouting out what they think is in front of them, eg. a wall, a spear, a rope.
For more on constructivism, see the article on wikipedia and its sources.

Resistance as an opportunity for new perspectives

Any form of resistance to a change process can potentially offer a new perspective on the change process that was not previously considered. This offers two advantages: Firstly, it allows for a better understanding of the employees in the organization and potentially gain new insights into where the change process needs to be adjusted to bring the desired benefits. Secondly, it can encourage employees to reconsider or broaden their perspective.

The focus on perspectives and experiences can help communicate better in change processes and support implementation. It can be helpful to have an open ear for employees and involve them in the change process.

A more relaxed approach to resistance

Since I became familiar with constructivism as a conceptual framework in the context of change management, I can approach resistance more relaxed. I know that they arise from a different perspective that does not match my own, and that I may not know or have dealt with it before. An open-minded approach and a focus on the perspectives of others can help overcome resistance and successfully implement change processes.


Overall, constructivism offers a valuable perspective on the change process. It allows for the perception of resistance as an opportunity for new perspectives and thus provides the possibility of understanding and designing change processes better. An open ear for employees and a focus on their perspectives and experiences can help overcome resistance and support implementation.


  • What was a situation is your life that you may have handled differently knowing constructivism?
  • How did you react in the situation?
  • How would you have handled the situation differently, knowing, what you know now?

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