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Stephanie Lohß

Stephanie Lohß is an agile coach and trainer. Her passion is supporting organizations, teams, and individuals in adopting agile ways of working through coaching, training, and process facilitation.

Her journey in the agile world began as a working student where she discovered the benefits of agile ways of working and developed her love for training and coaching people and organizations.

Stephanie has an empathetic and pragmatic approach that allows her to collaborate with people at all levels of the organization. She uses her systemic thinking to address the biggest challenge in many organizations: the current operating systems often optimized for a completely different culture and way of working.

Stephanie works closely with her clients, experimenting with completely new ways of working or making small changes to find the right solutions.

The most rewarding aspect of her work is seeing inspired people and organizations find solutions that fit them. As a trainer, Stephanie enjoys taking participants on a journey of discovery and observing their growth, enthusiasm, and knowledge that they can bring back to their organizations.

Overall, Stephanie is a dedicated and experienced agile coach and trainer. She advocates for organizations, teams, and individuals to find their agility tailored to their unique needs and goals.