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Agile Usergroup Rhine-Main February 2023: Coaching Dojo

The Agile Usergroup Rhein-Main invites you to the online event Coaching Dojo on February 2, 2023 at 5:30 pm. (The event is in german)

What is meant by coaching and what can you experience in the Coaching Dojo?

Coaching is for us a vis a vis conversation, which is conducted in a safe framework, in which a person, who has a concrete concern or topic, can shed light on this for himself. This person is supported in this process by another person; the coach.

How does this work in concrete terms?

We briefly give an impulse on the topic of coaching. We explain the Coaching Dojo format and give hints and techniques for the coaching conversation. And then we will get started. Depending on the number of participants, we will organize ourselves into several groups of three. At the end we will reflect on the evening together.


Caroline Haußmann is an Enterprise Agile Coach at wibas and has been supporting customers in agile transformations for many years. She is an expert in agile organization design and organization change management. Caroline is highly appreciated by her clients on management and employee level for her coaching competence and her broad experience in dealing with complex issues.

Rafael Kasprzak is an Enterprise Agile Coach at wibas and supports clients in agile transformations and in the individual implementation of New Work. His agile coaching is characterized by a practice-proven and solution-oriented approach. He is appreciated for his ability to recognize patterns in complex systems and to set targeted impulses. Rafael Kasprzak works hand in hand with clients and creates sustainable added value together with them.

Target group:

Coaches and people interested in coaching who would like to be coached.

You want to gain experience as a coach or support others? Then you are welcome to join us.

You have a topic, don't know what to do, want to reflect on something, etc.? Then come by and let us coach you!

Your contact person:

Caroline Haußmann

wibas GmbH

Caroline Haußmann

Otto-Hesse-Str. 19B

64293 Darmstadt


+49 6151 503349-0