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Digitalization of our world, our work and our business. That's what issue 02/15 is all about..


  • What is digitization?

  • The Big Picture


  • Organization in the digital age

  • Man in the digital age

  • One way or the other: Controversial thoughts on the subject of digitization

  • Hard challenge – soft answer

  • Cover story: The world is a dot


  • "We like to share" – in conversation with Jörg Eberhard, Seeger-Orbis

Stumbling blocks

  • Leading and being led

  • Spinners, Buffers, Top People

  • The hanger on the subject

From practice

  • Working in the 21st century

  • A Digital Native Tells Digitization of a Frequent Traveler

The last

  • David next to Goliath

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