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We are agile. Really?

In issue 03/17, we explore the question of what is truly agile. We show customer projects in which real agile work was done, venture an overview of the multitude of agile models – and discuss fault tolerance, personal responsibility and agile strategy.


  • Real Facts: The Big Picture

  • Interview: Your store, my job, our principles

  • #Really trending: #Digital #Buzzwords


  • Agile everywhere. Agile above all?

  • Agile Models: The Overview

Real practical experience

  • Agile scaling with KUKA

  • Smarter through collaboration

  • Interview: An end to ping-pong

  • Insight: Agile strategy - involve all employees

  • Real people: self-organization needs self-responsibility

  • How does agile auditing work?

Thoughts on

  • Agile is a piece of cake

  • Fault tolerance

Really helpful: dialog formats in the profile

  • Dialog Pyramid

  • Fishbowl

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