8 Perspectives on a transformation

Manfred: The determined division manager

Manfred is the division manager and former product owner of the company and leads it through a restructuring with his dry sense of humor. You will initially learn his view of events in Chapter 1 know.


Name: Manfred
Age: 50
Occupation: Division Manager
Situation: ;

  • Former Product Owner of three teams
  • Has been with the company for several years
  • Has a large network in the organization
  • Has now been appointed division manager and is trying to settle into his new job while at the same time his division is being restructured
  • High level of expertise in the topics he represented as PO at the time
  • Took part in internal training on the subject of leadership in order to be adept and excel in his new job 


  • Dry humor
  • Is a doer type
  • Very focused on productivity and efficiency
  • Is open to new ideas


  • Reading non-fiction books on management, leadership and productivity
  • Fitness and sport, especially jogging and strength training
  • Traveling and discovering new cultures and countries
  • Photography

Typical statements:

  • "We simply have to become more efficient!"
  • "Let's get down to business and achieve results!"
  • "I think we should focus on the essential things and set priorities."
  • "We have to seize the opportunities and minimize the risks."
  • "I am open to new ideas and innovations as long as they support our goals."
  • "I think we should base our decisions on data and facts in order to achieve successful results."

The determined division manager with a dry sense of humor

Meet Manfred, the determined, newly appointed division manager in his element. Manfred is a doer type who has always focused on productivity and efficiency. He sets clear priorities and focuses on the essentials to move the company forward. With his deep expertise and experience as a former Product Owner, he is a great 'match' for his new role. His leadership experience and analytical mindset enable him to develop clear strategies. He always makes data- and fact-based decisions to minimize risks and seize opportunities.


And that's a good thing. Because while he is still trying to settle into his new job, he is faced with the challenge of leading his division through a restructuring process. He is aware of his responsibility to organize the tasks efficiently and ensure that the company stays on the right course. Open to ideas and committed to innovation within the company, Manfred is willing to try new things and embrace the uncertainty of change. In addition to his expertise and attitude, his dry sense of humor makes him an inspiring leader. Because that relaxes the atmosphere around him enormously.


Join Manfred on his journey as division head and learn more about his unique personality and his contribution to the agile transformation of the company.

Stay tuned and look forward to more stories and personalities presented in our series "8 angles of a transformation". Each angle reveals new insights and shows the diversity of players who are together on the path to a successful transformation.