Vincenzo at the Lean - Agile & Scrum Conference

On June 23, 2022, the largest Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference 2022 took place in Zurich. Vincenzo also contributed to the conference with the presentation topic "Agile collaboration with externals - between context and control".

"Agile collaboration with externals - between context and control 

One of the cornerstones of agile working is self-organization. In collaboration with external parties, this is often under tension because, as experience has shown, there is also a demand for control. If collaboration is to exploit the potential of agile working, it must not repeat previous patterns of control. Especially in an intercultural environment, this becomes more important. In the lecture, Vincenzo Parisi presents factors and patterns of action that contribute to successful collaboration."

12:15, Stream #2

You can find more information about the conference directly on the website:

Lean, Agile & Scrum 2022

We thank all participants for the lively exchange.

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