New Work: Verstehen und Gestalten 

In this podcast, our colleague Rafael Kasprzak looks at the topic of New Work from different perspectives.

Who is the podcast made for?

The podcast "New Work: Understanding and Designing" is aimed at anyone who is interested in the design of future-proof and sustainable working environments. If you want to learn how theories can be implemented in your working life, this is the right place for you.

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Every 2 weeks comes a new episode of this podcast

Episode 1: What is New Work, does it suit you and how to find out
In this episode you will learn the background of New Work, what role organizations play and what New Work is reduced to today.
Nowadays, organizations often advertise cool and hip values. But do you even fit in? Find out what norms and values really are and how you can easily find out what really motivates you. 

Episode 2: Free from place and time - How to work more flexibly

This episode deals with time and location-independent work. In it, you'll learn about the opportunities that time and location independent work holds and what it has to do with New Work. You'll also learn proven techniques to improve this area for you, your team, your department, or even your organization;

You can find the description of the other episodes via the podcast platforms below.

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Podcast break

Our colleague Rafael is currently taking a break from podcasting for several months. You can expect more episodes on the topic of New Work in spring 2024.

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