Onsite or remote: the choice is yours

We offer all our trainings in two formats: In onsite at the wibas training center or remotely. Both forms are interactive live trainings with the usual wibas flair. The choice is yours. 

So funktionieren die Remote-Trainings bei wibas

wibas trainings are based on examples, interactive exercises, moderation and a lot of cooperation in the group. This is also true for our online training courses, we use tools and techniques that make learning easy – and fun at the same time. You will experience a varied mix of plenary sessions and work in small groups, where time flies by. To ensure that this works well, our service team invites you to a short introductory session before the training. Here you will get to know the tools and clarify technical questions. Our service team is also available during the training for technical questions and assistance. 

Q & A with wibas trainer Sascha Geßler: This is what a remote training looks like in practice (german)


Auch remote sind wibas Trainings ein interaktiver Workshop

Unsere Trainings sind auch in der virtuellen Welt etwas Besonderes. Unsere Trainer halten die Trainings live, stehen mit Ihnen im direkten Kontakt – während Sie sich am Arbeitsplatz oder im Home Office befinden. Wir nutzen eine Vielzahl von Techniken, die Ihnen viel Abwechslung bieten:

  • Introductory elements and impulses that make it easier for you to get started with a new topic

  • A learning agenda tailored to participants, which we adapt as the course progresses

  • Group work with online tools such as whiteboards or mindmaps, with which we work together on results

  • Small group work with online tools, but in virtual partial team rooms where you meet in twos or threes

  • Interactive elements such as questioning, feedback or voting techniques

  • Many breaks – because online work requires a lot of concentration

Trainer and customer testimonials

More customer testimonials

  • "The training was great to prepare, varied and fun."

  • "This is the learning model of the future"

  • "Works better than previously expected, they were very good remote solutions"

  • "It worked very well, surprisingly."

  • "It made for a very friendly working environment with participants and trainers."

  • "Online workaround I find even better and more efficient than face-to-face training"

  • "The tool you use in training is really top notch, working together worked great. I'm trying to get that for our team now as well."

  • "I didn't expect it to work out so well, to kind of take something away."

  • "The fact that you can really impart knowledge over such a long period of time with such a large group is not something I would have thought."

  • "The exercises were mega good. The simulation we had was top notch! I was really excited that doing this remotely worked so well."

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