wibas at the Tools4AgileTeams Conference 
from 29.11. – 01.12.2023

From November 29 to December 01, Tools4AgileTeams will take place at Seibert Media Headquarters in Wiesbaden and online. This is a conference about agility in teams and companies. wibas is again part of it and moderates the track about Agile Leadership.

What is the Tools4AgileTeams?

The Tools4AgileTeams (T4AT), is a conference that focuses on the dialog about agility in teams and companies. It covers numerous topics - from discussing the pros and cons of agile tools in software teams to extending agile concepts and practices in large organizations. It s distinguishing features include appreciative dialogue, practical solutions, interactive components, a personal environment, and topical, high-quality presentations and discussions.

Don t miss Malte and Julia's talk: Rediscover Scrum with a Kanban View

In a talk, Julia and Malte will reveal surprising yet logical facets of Scrum. They will demonstrate how discovering Kanban aspects in Scrum helps to reduce overload, improve results and give teams an improved sense of control.

Malte and Julia

You will see how you can apply Kanban to your existing Scrum to discover untapped potential. Kanban does not change the rules of Scrum, but allows you to better understand Scrum and implement it more efficiently.

wibas will be moderating the track: Agile Leadership

Leadership – what does that actually mean? Good question, isn’t it? If you look in a dictionary, you might find the definition: “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” So what does this mean in the context of an agile work culture? In this track, Jan Jung and Anna Werner from wibas would like to make this question tangible and discuss it with you.

Teaser (in German)

Your contact for the T4aT:

Malte Foegen

wibas GmbH

Malte Foegen

Otto-Hesse-Str. 19B

64293 Darmstadt

+49 6151 5033490